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UK women unaware of breast cancer risks

UK women unaware of breast cancer risks
18th October 2011

UK women are unaware that they are most at risk of breast cancer at an older age, according to new research.

When questioned, less than two per cent of women correctly identified the ages of 70 and above as those with the greatest risk of breast cancer, in a study commissioned by Breast Cancer Campaign.

The study also discovered that those most at risk were the least breast cancer aware and did not take advantage of free breast screening opportunities.

Baroness Delyth Morgan, chief executive of Breast Cancer Campaign, stated: "We read daily about different risk factors for breast cancer [...] While these are important, age is the most significant factor of all and yet women [...] remain in the dark about this."

Moreover, research has shown that older adults have at least one other health issue that can dramatically affect cancer treatment pathways.

A study at the University of Pennsylvania sought to discover the impact of additional health problems on breast cancer and found that patients with early stage cancer and mild comorbidities could benefit from radiation.

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