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'UK lags behind in dementia and stroke care'

'UK lags behind in dementia and stroke care'
11th February 2008

A report from leading think tank Reform has claimed that the NHS is failing stroke patients and dementia sufferers.

It added that the UK lags behind other European countries in terms of medical standards due to a "perfect storm" of problems including an ageing population and the costs of new treatments.

Using previously conducted research, the group showed that diagnosis of dementia within the UK takes longer than in any other European nation, while the death rate for stroke victims is the fourth worst among 11 countries.

Reform is now appealing to the government to adopt an economic constitution guaranteeing value for money, a diversity of providers and patient choice.

It suggested that £20 billion of annual expenditure on the NHS could help save it.

Liberal Democrat health spokesperson Norman Lamb said the report should act as a "wake-up call" to the government, which is currently undergoing a landmark review of the NHS.

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