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UK involvement in EU dementia scheme is 'great step'

UK involvement in EU dementia scheme is 'great step'
23rd July 2009

The UK is to take part in an initiative to tackle dementia from this week, it has been announced.

Ten countries are joining forces to lead research into tackling both health and social care difficulties with the condition, with the group receiving backing from the European Commission.

Dr Susanne Sorensen, the head of research at the Alzheimer's Society, said the UK will play a critical role in this initiative and through this united front, it is much more likely that the cause, cure and care for the condition will be put forward with greater haste.

"But while Europe strives forward, the UK government still lags behind the US, Germany and France in providing dementia research funding and there is still no specifically targeted dementia research funding," she continued.

Dr Sorensen added that she hopes the government will "make good on its promises" to boost dementia investment, otherwise everyone in the country will pay the price for this lack of funding.

The open letter sent to the government this week regarding care in the UK concluded that dedication similar to France's method was needed - a country which has a focused structure on developing research.

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