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UK invests in health research

UK invests in health research
6th March 2012

Health research in the UK is set to receive a boost, as the government has announced that £100 million will be given to support vital clinical studies.

The money will be provided by the National Institute for Health Research and will support NHS facilities that are in the process of developing new treatments.

Investment will be made in research nurses and technicians at 19 centres across the country, covering research in cancer, diabetes, stroke, and dementia.

Following the first ever consultation on Rare Diseases in Britain, some of the funding will also be dedicated to tackling some of the more atypical conditions experienced by patients.

Institutions receiving funding were selected on the basis of the quality and volume of research produced, in addition to their engagement with universities and industry.

Among those centres to be given a monetary boost are the Alder Hey Children's NHS Foundation Trust, Cambridge University Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust and the University Hospitals Birmingham Foundation Trust and Birmingham Children’s Hospital.

Improving the UK's research facilities is vital to ensure that the country is well-positioned to deal with health problems in the future.

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