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UK aims to become world-leader in dementia research

UK aims to become world-leader in dementia research
17th October 2012

The UK's government has announced that it is aiming for the country to become the world's leader in dementia research.

As part of the prime minister's Challenge on Dementia, the Department of Health is set to host a showcase event that will highlight the unique offer the UK can make to the industry as it searches for new ways to tackle the condition.

Over 150 global leaders from research, charities, biotech and pharmaceutical will attend the invite-only event, it was revealed.

Care and support minister Norman Lamb said: "The UK wants to be a world-leader in dementia research, but only by international collaboration can we tackle the global challenge of this condition."

It was added by the minister that up to 115 million people worldwide will be affected by dementia by 2050, including a possible 1.7 million in the UK.

Researchers at the Gladstone Institutes recently made a key discovery in the fight against early-onset dementia, finding a protein deficiency may be linked to frontotemporal dementia.

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