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Type 2 diabetes 'could be predicted a decade before onset'

Type 2 diabetes 'could be predicted a decade before onset'
21st March 2011

The onset of type 2 diabetes could be predicted over a decade before symptoms appear, new research has indicated.

Measuring the levels of small molecules in the blood could identify which individuals are more likely to develop the condition, a study led by Massachusetts General Hospital scientists has suggested.

Authors suggest that an early knowledge of a predisposition to type 2 diabetes, which may make patients more likely to require home care, could allow the individual to make lifestyle changes which could halt the progression of the condition.

Lead author Thomas Wang explained that the findings could help researchers to further understand of the metabolic pathways involved in diabetes.

"They also raise the possibility that, in selected individuals, these measurements could identify those at highest risk of developing diabetes so that early preventive measures could be instituted," he said.

People with diabetes who may require assisted living could be helped by a new self-monitoring blood glucose sensor which is being developed by scientists at Arizona State University and Mayo Clinic in Arizona.

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