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Two new arthritis genes discovered

7th September 2007

A new study has shed light on the genes involved in rheumatoid arthritis.

An international team of researchers from Sweden, the USA and Singapore has compared the genomes of over 15,000 rheumatics with those of a 1,850 control group.

The analysis was executed in Singapore using the very latest genomic techniques.

In addition to confirming a known link between two genes and the disease, their findings suggest a previously unresearched gene complex known as TRAF-C5 plays a role in its development.

They also found evidence that yet another gene, STAT 4, could be linked to the disease.

Lead researcher Professor Lars Klareskog said: "It's exciting that we've found new, single genes that impact on the risk of disease, but what’s most important is that we've now got a broader base for understanding the mechanisms behind the development and course of the disease.

"Since the two most crucial genes are already known, this shows that we're on the right track."