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Two major Alzheimer's research projects to begin

Two major Alzheimer's research projects to begin
9th December 2010

A pair of leading lights in the field of dementia research are beginning studies into Alzheimer's disease in London, funded by the Alzheimer's Research Trust.

Some £1 million worth of grants will be used to finance research by Professor John Hardy of UCL Institute of Neurology and Professor Simon Livestone of King's College London's Institute of Psychiatry.

Both scientists will be involved in the first of the two projects, which plans to sequence every gene in 500 people with Alzheimer's disease to identify genetic changes responsible for the condition.

The next project will use advanced techniques to see whether a blood test could diagnose Alzheimer's at its earliest stages.

"If we are to find an effective treatment, and carry out studies to find new drugs for Alzheimer’s disease, then we must have a way of diagnosing it much earlier," commented Professor Lovestone.

"We have already made big strides in this area, and I have real hope that this study will bring some positive results."

It follows news that a review paper from the University of Manchester has suggested green tea and blueberries could help to counteract Alzheimer's disease.

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