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Try Psyllium Husk to improve digestion

Try Psyllium Husk to improve digestion
10th August 2012

As people get older they may find that their digestive system doesn't function as well as it used to.

This can lead to illness and discomfort, so it is important to try to find ways to avoid and relieve the problem.

Psyllium Husk has been heralded as a natural way to restore the body's natural balance. Derived from the seed of the Plantain, it contains lots of fibre, which has cleansing properties.

Every 100 grams of the herb has 71 grams of soluble fibre, aiding digestion and boosting the metabolism.

Psyllium Husk can also soak up water in the digestive tract, making stools firmer and easier to pass.

The herb will also reduce flatulence, bloating, and symptoms of constipation. For these reasons, it is often used by people with irritable bowel syndrome.

Those with anal fissures and haemorrhoids can also benefit from the cleansing properties of Psyllium Husk.

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