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Try herbal teas during detox

Try herbal teas during detox
28th February 2012

While the New Year is the traditional time to do a detox, by February most people will have already broken their healthy resolutions.

Consequently, now could be a great time to cleanse the body before spring and when doing so drinking herbal teas could be a good option.

Andrew Johnson, herbalist and nutritional therapist explained that some herbal teas have a "diuretic effect", which can be cleansing, while others are "diaphoretic - they create heat in the body and cause sweating".

There are also those that act as a laxative to aid digestion and the bowel and liver.

However, when planning a detox people are advised to consider the process at a "cellular level".

"When people think of detox they often think of what are called channels of elimination – the bowel, the kidneys, skin, lungs," Mr Johnson said.

A detox can also be helpful for patients with irritable bowel syndrome (IBS), as it can cleanse the body of those toxins that cause the pain.

However, for people who's IBS is primarily stress generated, addressing the problem with a combination of diet and mental exercises can help.

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