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Treatment 'more risky for seniors than vulvar cancer'

Treatment 'more risky for seniors than vulvar cancer'
10th February 2011

Older women are four times more likely to die from treatment complications for vulvar cancer, scientists have found.

Researchers looked at women with vulvar cancer and found that treatment for older women with the disease was more lethal than the condition itself.

Scientists from the Hospital of Rhode Island found that thirty per cent of patients with vulvar cancer are over the age of 70 and by 75 years of age, 20 out of every 100,000 women have developed the condition.

Dr Ashley Stuckey said: "Many elderly women have multiple health care problems. This makes it complicated to administer radiation with sensitising chemotherapy, which is the standard treatment for advanced vulvar cancer."

This comes after researchers from the University of Gothenburg found that hereditary factors do not play as big a role in life expectancy as lifestyle does.

It was revealed that those who avoid smoking, coffee and have achieved a good socio-economic status by the age of 50 were among the most likely to reach 90 years of age.

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