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Treating depression alongside diabetes can 'prolong life'

Treating depression alongside diabetes can 'prolong life'
28th November 2007

Treating depression can prolong the lives of elderly people with diabetes, according to new research.

A team from the Department of Family Practice and Community Medicine at the University of Philadelphia studied primary care patients over five years and found that depressed diabetics who were treated for depression were half as likely to die then those who were not, reported Diabetes Care.

Dr Hillary R Bogner, who led the research, said: "Depression is not only common in persons with diabetes but contributes to not taking medicines, not following prescribed diets, and overall reduced quality of life."

The researchers concluded that better models of care should be developed to ensure that depression management is integrated with diabetes care.

Diabetes UK is currently funding a study at Queen's University, Belfast, to test whether dogs can detect diabetes in their owners.

According to Dr Deborah Wells, from Queen's University, there is anecdotal evidence of dogs being able to recognise a drop in blood glucose within their owners.

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