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Training improves mental health relations in Wales

Training improves mental health relations in Wales
2nd November 2011

The Mental Health First Aid training course is improving the confidence of people dealing with mental health patients in Wales, according to new research.

A study at the University of Glamorgan and Mind Cymru revealed that 96 per cent of people felt confident or better prepared to help a person experiencing mental distress after the course.

A further 88 per cent of people had tried to raise awareness of mental health issues at their workplace or plan to do so when the opportunity arises following the training.

Lesley Griffiths, minister for health and social services, stated: “Training mental health first aiders has enormous benefits for individuals, families, communities and workplaces.

“It provides people with the skills and confidence to support people showing signs of mental ill-health.”

The Mental Health First Aid course aims to give front line workers the knowledge they need to deal with people with mental health stress.

It aims to help participants preserve life where a person may be a danger to themselves and others, provide help to prevent mental illness from becoming serious, and promote recovery of good mental health.

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