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Touch therapy can 'mediate side effects' of cancer treatment

Touch therapy can 'mediate side effects' of cancer treatment
27th June 2012

Many patients experience side effects from cancer treatment, but a new study claims that these can be reduced by an ancient technique.

Touch therapy, which is philosophically similar to acupuncture, is believed to hold benefits for those undergoing treatment for cancer.

A new study at the University of Kentucky Markey Cancer Centre claims pain, stress and nausea can each be reduced through the Jin Shin Jyutsu therapy.

The practice is believed to work by harmonising the life energy in the body and unblocking energy pathways that lead to illness.

Using the therapy among 159 cancer patients, Jennifer Bradley discovered that after just one visit improvements were noticeable.

Participants were asked to rate their experiences of symptoms on a scale of 0-10, with 0 being an indication of no problems.

After Jun Shin Jyutsu subjects rated stress at a three and both nausea and pain at two.

"It was interesting to note that regardless of age, sex or diagnosis, cancer patients received a statistically significant improvement in the side effects from treatment," Ms Bradley commented.

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