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Tory incapacity benefit changes 'could affect those with Parkinson's'

Tory incapacity benefit changes 'could affect those with Parkinson's'
6th October 2009

The Conservative Party has announced that it will be cutting up to half a million people from incapacity benefit to jobseeker's allowance in order to cut costs and get people working.

Steve Ford, the chief executive of the Parkinson's Disease Society, said that one in ten people with the condition receives incapacity benefit and this highlights a major issue.

He explained: "We are concerned that the Conservative Party's plan to reduce dependency on benefits could force some people who are genuinely unable to work onto Jobseeker's Allowance, reducing their income, and causing unnecessary stress."

Mr Ford asserted that Parkinson's disease is regularly misunderstood due to its "fluctuating nature", which is well-known for affecting the capacity of people to work in a number of different ways.

As a result, the expert believes that Tory reforms must protect people with a disability such as Parkinson's and not remove benefits that many rely on to address their conditions.

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