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Tomatoes attracting attention at Atfield House

29th March 2007

Atfield House near Twickenham has received much praise for its garden and its tomatoes have quite a reputation in the local area.

Each year residents, relatives, the local vicar and visitors who visit Atfield House are astonished at the wonderful crop.

A resident from the village recently contacted the home to say how much she has enjoyed watching the tomatoes being tendered and watered by Atfield residents over the recent months.

The plants are grown on a patio, using wig-wam shaped canes to support them.

The tomatoes' home-grown taste is enjoyed by all residents, including those who are not able to join in the gardening itself.

Valerie Ford, the home's activity organiser, said: "The gardening project is a firm favourite at Atfield House."

The home's gardener, Derek Cooper, joined Atfield House last summer. Since then he has worked hard to produce some beautiful flower beds. He has also kept the lawns neatly trimmed.

Residents are looking forward to enjoying the coming summer days in the garden.