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Tina Turner denies reports of a stroke

Tina Turner denies reports of a stroke
27th May 2014

Singer Tina Turner has refuted reports that she recently experienced a stroke.

It had been speculated in the German press that the 74-year-old had been unwell, according to her driver Albert Cologne, but was now on the road to recovery.

However, this has been fervently negated by the singer who currently lives in Switzerland. 

Various sources originally reported Ms Turner "had a mild stroke, but is well on the road to recovery".

Another claimed she had cancelled her holiday in a bid to convalesce, although she had already managed to smile for her husband Erwin Bach.

A statement from the singer denied that such a vacation had ever been planned to Austria - or indeed cancelled, while she had never employed Mr Cologne as a driver.

"The fact is that Tina enjoys excellent health," the announcement read. 

However, this is not the first time the singer has had to deny rumours surrounding her ill health. In February, Oprah Winfrey refuted claims Ms Turner had experienced a stroke, tweeting that she had recovered from a bad case of flu.