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Threshfield court adds 'Memory Lane' for dementia sufferers

11th August 2005

A newly refurbished care home in Skipton will provide specialised and personal care to elderly people focusing on those with dementia.

The refurbishment of Barchester Healthcare's Threshfield Court, which took place over the last seven months, includes an enlargement of the communal area in the home, the laying of fresh carpets and the improvement of the dementia unit known as 'Memory Lane'.

'Memory Lane' is a specialised unit focusing on celebrating the individual, their independence and preserving their memories.

Staff were specially trained for the unit which also includes a life skills kitchen with fridge, dishwasher, cooker and other modern appliances.

Another 24 beds were also added to the centre bringing the total number of places at the home to 61.

Other additions include a new reception room, resident hairdresser, activity room and a new nurse's station.

Val Gains, the home care manager of Threshfield Court said: "We really have a superb new home now and have received a lot of training in preparation for the Memory Lane Community. I would now really like to see the home develop within the local community, allowing us to also benefit from their skills; we would ideally like to see our home becoming the community's home."