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Three-drug combo 'cuts risk of stroke and heart attack'

Three-drug combo 'cuts risk of stroke and heart attack'
2nd October 2009

People in high-risk situations in regard to their health, when given a combination of three pills on a regular basis, have their thresholds for injury significantly lowered, according to new research from the US.

Scientists at Kaiser Permanente in California discovered that when combining a generic statin, a regular blood pressure pill and a low-dose aspirin, the instances of stroke or heart attack dramatically fell to just 20 per cent of their original chance.

Heralding it as a major breakthrough, the team believes it will be an effective and inexpensive way to help people with heart disease or diabetes reduce the chance of being hit by something major in later life.

Those who chose the medicine less than half the time had more than a 60 per cent reduction in heart attack and stroke issues in the third year of treatment, while those who took it more than half the time got the full 80 per cent benefit.

Based in Oakland, California, Kaiser Permanente is a care organisation founded in 1945 and runs hospitals and regional subsidiaries across America.

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