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Thousands of older adults spending 'unnecessary days in hospital'

Thousands of older adults spending 'unnecessary days in hospital'
31st December 2012

Thousands of older adults are being forced to stay in hospital when they could be cared for at home after the government cuts to district nurses. 

Since the coalition government was formed, the number of district nurses in England has dropped by almost a fifth, from 7,813 to 6,424 according to official figures

District nurses offer care and support to the disabled and older adults in their own homes and latest figures suggest that the number of frail patients being kept in hospital has increased because of the reduction in services that can now be offered in the community.

Speaking to the Daily Telegraph, Labour MP Liz Kendall said: "District nurses provide highly skilled care to help people stay healthy and well in their own homes. Cutting these vital nurses isn't quote good for patients and it's not good for taxpayers either."

The Labour Party suggests that the NHS is spending £6 million per month on beds for older adults who could be cared for in their own homes.

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