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Testosterone spray 'could help fight against dementia for women'

Testosterone spray 'could help fight against dementia for women'
1st October 2009

A daily testosterone spray could be a good way for post-menopausal women to help fight off dementia and memory loss, according to a study carried out in Australia.

In a pilot research project detailed in Australian newspaper the Age, it was discovered by Monash University's Women's Health Program that the brains of women using the treatment showed in scans that brains were able to perform tests more effortlessly after six months using the spray.

Ten healthy menopausal women between the ages of 45 and 60 were given a daily skin spray of testosterone over a period of half a year.

Professor Susan Davis said of the discovery: "This is a new frontier. We were quite surprised by the results. It's cutting edge, a bit off the wall and provocative, but the results are as promising as they could be at this stage."

Last week, the Washington University School of Medicine and Barnes-Jewish Hospital discovered that chronic sleep deprivation can become a cause of dementia.

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