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Terry Pratchett talks Alzheimer's disease at Lib Dem conference

Terry Pratchett talks Alzheimer's disease at Lib Dem conference
23rd September 2009

Sir Terry Pratchett, the blockbuster writer and a patron of the Alzheimer's Research Trust, has stood his ground on the future of Alzheimer's disease in the UK.

Speaking at the Liberal Democrat party conference in Bournemouth this week, the author said the world is facing a "worldwide tsunami" of dementia-based diseases which must be properly addressed to ensure complications do not ravage the health service.

He said there are only two ways it can go: researchers may come up with a solution that reduces the effects of the "dreadful, inhuman disease", or the UK and the world will have to deal with the consequences of the failure to prevent the final years of life being a "long bad dream".

Sir Terry concluded: "The strain on carers and their support is bad enough now; before very long the effects on the health service and society itself will be unbearable. What is unthinkable is to do nothing at all."

The author is famous for creating the Discworld novels, starting with The Colour of Magic in 1983.

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