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Telecare expansion 'to benefit older independence'

30th November 2006

A telecare service is being expanded by Stockport Council, to enable more elderly people to benefit from the innovative technology.

The range of sensors, including fall, flood and heat detectors, can assist vulnerable people to use the system to keep them safe at home.

Telecare systems are linked to an alarm system, which alerts a control centre that something might be wrong yet allows individuals to maintain independent living for as long as possible.

"Expanding the telecare service will give even more people the care they need, without affecting their freedom or privacy," said councillor Maggie Clay.

"It will also give peace of mind to carers and loved ones, even when they aren't nearby."

There is an increasing focus on allowing older people to live in their own homes for as long as possible, should they wish to.

As well as keeping care costs to a minimum, independence has been found by researchers to be a top priority for older adults.