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Technology to improve healthcare provision

21st December 2005

The extended introduction of technology could help to cut healthcare costs as well as greatly improving the range of services currently available to older people.

A new report had urged authorities to make access to accelerated broadband a higher priority, as the benefits of modern technology to elderly and disabled people are immense.

According to the research, conducted by the US New Millennium Research Council and reported on Business Europe, technology is the way forward in improving the care and support of older people, both in the US and the UK.

Helping care services to provide vulnerable groups with wristbands or buttons which are connected to emergency telephone lines, heart monitors and abnormal behaviour detectors, technology is improving the standard of living for many people.

The authors of the report argue that broadband connections can further improve the provision of care, allowing for quicker, more efficient and readily available communication.

This report follows similar views expressed at the White House Conference on Aging, which also called for a greater use of technology to improve the quality of life for older generations.