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Technological advances 'could help elderly in the future'

Technological advances 'could help elderly in the future'
22nd April 2008

A new study has predicted that a number of technological advances will help make life easier for the elderly in the future.

The Life Trust Foundation claims that by 2048 people will be able to use video conferencing to chat to family and friends and utilise automatic pill dispensers to ensure they take their medication at the correct time, reports the Daily Mail.

Infirm individuals could be fitted with microchips so that medical staff can remotely monitor them and ensure that they do not wander away or fall.

Speaking to the newspaper about these potential advances, Mike Lake, director-general of Help the Aged and director of the Life Trust Foundation, said: "It is a triumph of the public health system that we are all living longer, but it is only a triumph if people have real quality of life in old age.

"We need to use this technology to make people's lives richer."

The Life Trust Foundation aims to raise awareness of the financial implications of living longer lives.

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