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Tax 'should be simplified' for older adults

Tax 'should be simplified' for older adults
25th January 2013

The UK's tax system should be simplified to aid older adults who may be overwhelmed by the current processes.

This is according to The Office of Tax Simplification (OTS), which suggests pensioners should receive colour-coded letters informing them of their tax code for each source of income, the Daily Mail reports.

Currently, older adults may be sent several letters containing different tax codes, baffling them as to how much they must pay.

As a result of an 18-month investigation, the OTS has published a report highlighting the way many people are not aware of the tax situation under the pay-as-you-earn system. While working, they may not be responsible for paying their tax, but the OTS says retirement results in a move "from simple to complex" taxation.

In response to the report, a spokesman for the Treasury said: "The government is committed to simplifying the tax system and ensuring it is straightforward and easy to comply with."

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