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Take time to de-stress over Christmas

Take time to de-stress over Christmas
16th December 2011

Over the festive period it is important for older adults to take some time out to de-stress, according to health and wellbeing experts.

Lisa Artis, spokeswoman at the Sleep Council, stated: "[It is] extremely important that people remember to take some time out during the holiday to relax and de-stress, so they make it through the festive season awake and alert."

Light exercise is recommended to help older adults relieve the stress of the day.

A walk is a great way to keep healthy and can aid digestion after a Christmas dinner.

During the festive period, exercise and taking time out is particularly important, as normal routines are disrupted and older adults often find themselves in the middle of hustle and bustle.

Exercise can also make the older generation feel empowered at a time when things can get over-whelming.

Charlene Hutsebaut, exercise expert for the De-Stress Diet, advised that exercises such as yoga, tai chi and pilates are particularly good to make persons feel in control, as they have a grounding effect and increase body awareness.

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