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Take care in hot weather

Take care in hot weather
31st July 2012

The rain may have returned to many parts of the country today (July 31st), but temperatures remain high following the last weeks sun spell.

As the UK heats up, older adults are being reminded to take extra care by the Nottinghamshire County Council, the Nottingham Post reported.

The body's ability to cope with high temperatures diminishes as people age, meaning that older people are at a greater risk of developing heat-related illnesses.

Kevin Rostance, chairman of Nottinghamshire County Council's adult social and health committee, told the newspaper: "While many of us enjoy the hot weather, older people need to be extra cautious."

He added that people should avoid leaving the house between 11.00 GMT and 15.00 GMT, which are known to be the hottest hours of the day.

Protecting against the sun is also vital and older adults must not neglect to put on sunscreen and a hat.

Furthermore, older adults should keep hydrated, wear cool clothing and try not to exert themselves too much.

Try to carry out tasks early in the morning or late in the afternoon when the temperature drops.

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