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'Take Alzheimer's seriously,' warns charity

6th December 2006

The UK is sitting on an Alzheimer's timebomb, a charity chief has warned.

Dr Sian MacGowan, the chief executive of Alzheimer's research charity BRACE, has said that Britain's ageing population may well mean that Alzheimer's becomes a burden on the National Health Service unless vaccines and cures can be found.

According to Dr MacGowan, Alzheimer's is an "absolutely unfashionable disease" and a difficult area for doctors and scientists to work in.

"It is short-sighted not to put money into what will become a very big social issue if we don't deal with it," commented Dr MacGowan.

"As the population ages we will have more and more people in their seventies, eighties and nineties in the next thirty or forty years.

"How are we going to deal with it? They are going to become a big NHS problem if we don't have something to deal with it."

She also added that the development of a screening process would be a huge advantage in enabling the country to cope with future demand.