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Tai Chi helps older adults maintain heart health

Tai Chi helps older adults maintain heart health
4th April 2012

Older adults concerned about their heart health should consider starting Tai Chi, as a new study reveals that the ancient Chinese exercise helps to improve artery function and cardiac pulsation.

Findings indicate that the practice can improve the expansion and contracting of arteries and strengthen heart muscles without jeopardising cardiac pulsation.

This flies in the face of previous studies that suggested Tai Chi could harm cardiac pulsation.

The discovery was made when researchers monitored 65 elderly subjects from Hong Kong, 29 peopel from Tai Chi clubs and 36 controls with no experience of the exercise previously.

Study of the subjects revealed that those who engaged in Tai Chi performed better in all forms of cardiac tests.

If the study's observations are confirmed, the traditional exercise could be used as a therapeutic target for treating cardiovascular disease.

Previous research has suggested that Tai Chi can be useful in improving the quality of life of chronic heart failure patients, by boosting mood and self efficiency.

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