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Swine flu symptoms are 'easily comparable to regular flu'

Swine flu symptoms are 'easily comparable to regular flu'
6th May 2009

Elderly people worried about the swine flu epidemic should simply treat the threat as they would regular influenza, according to a major health organisation in the UK.

The Royal College of General Practitioners (RCGP) stated that the same signs should be looked out for by anyone worried about their future health.

Professor Steve Field, the chairman of the RCGP, emphasised the classic symptoms including a high temperature, shivering, shaking as well as tiredness, a runny nose, muscle pains and a sore throat.

He continued: "In America there have been occasional cases with all those symptoms, plus a little bit of diarrhoea as well, so classic symptoms that we would expect from influenza are no different to that."

The RCGP is a professional membership body for GPs and other family doctors in the UK and overseas, maintaining a commitment to treating conditions with the highest standards, such as strokes and Parkinson's disease.

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