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SWI 'could improve stroke treatment'

SWI 'could improve stroke treatment'
4th May 2011

Using susceptibility-weighted imaging (SWI) could help to identify stroke in patients earlier, research has shown, meaning the treatment they receive could be more effective.

Scientists at the University of California found that when SWI was used with the MRI scans given to patients who are suspected to have had a stroke, treatment time and overall recovery were improved.

SWI is typically used as a secondary tool to analyse brain haemorrhages and detect clots.

The study's lead author Dr Mark D Mamlouk said: "Using SWI in patients with cerebral infarctions will decrease further imaging and its associated costs and radiation exposure, but more importantly this imaging technique will guide direct management in a timelier manner."

In other news, scientists at the Children's Hospital Boston have developed a two-pronged molecular therapy, combining two existing stroke treatments, which they say leads to an improved recovery of skilled motor function in stroke patients.

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