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Survivor star Jimi Jamison 'died partly from stroke'

Survivor star Jimi Jamison 'died partly from stroke'
13th November 2014

Jimi Jamison's death was down to a drug-related stroke, official reports say.

The singer, who died at the beginning of September, experienced a hemorrhagic brain stroke with "acute methamphetamine intoxication contributing."

It had previously been assumed that Mr Jamison had died of a heart attack. The report says cardiovascular disease and the narrowing of the arteries were responsible for his death. 

The former frontman wrote the Baywatch theme tune music and had success with hits such as High On You, The Search Is Over and Burning Heart. He was not part of the band when it found fame with Eye Of The Tiger. 

Every year there are around 152,000 strokes in the UK, which equates to one every three​-​and​-​a​-​half minutes. While older people tend to be most susceptible, anyone - even children and babies - can experience a stroke. 

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