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Surgery could cure high blood pressure

Surgery could cure high blood pressure
25th April 2013

Tests are to be carried out on a new surgical procedure which could cure high blood pressure.

It is hoped that the treatment, which involves a very simple operation, could save the lives of thousands of people in the UK each year.

Cardiologists in Eastbourne and London have hailed the results of initial keyhole processed a success after patients with high blood pressure experienced an immediate reduction.

"This operation holds the promise of a meaningful long-term reduction of high blood pressure in patients whose blood pressure isn’t controlled by their ¬medication," said Dr Neil Sulke of Eastbourne General Hospital.

Mel Lobo, director of the Barts Hypertension Clinic in London, added that the trials results are "very exciting" and could herald an era where therapy is provided by devices rather than daily dosages of drugs.

The procedure will be aimed that those who have been unable to lower their blood pressure despite taking three or more different medications.

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