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Supported living 'enables' those with learning difficulties

12th October 2006

A new film has demonstrated that with the right support, people with severe learning disabilities can live independently.

The documentary, produced by Michelle Savage, shows two boys – Chris and Simon – who live together.

They are normal men in their twenties enjoying leaving home for the first time. The only unusual thing is that they both have learning disabilities.

The film was made by Chris and Simon themselves and Ms Savage hopes that it might encourage other young adults with disabilities to have more confidence about living independently.

"Simon and Chris are very inspiring young men," she told the Dereham Times.

"We wanted to show how this sort of supported living could enable people with learning difficulties to live in their own homes."

Funded with a grant from the Norfolk Learning Difficulties Partnership, the film will be shown to policymakers and those involved in housing to encourage them to think creatively about the accommodation needs of those with learning difficulties.