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Sun exposure 'protects against MS'

Sun exposure 'protects against MS'
8th February 2011

Sun exposure could protect against multiple sclerosis (MS), new research has discovered.

The study, published in journal Neurology, investigated the level of sun exposure in 216 people with early signs of MS and 395 people with none.

Additionally, researchers measured the participants' blood levels of vitamin D and skin damage due to sun exposure.

It was found that those with sun-caused skin damage were approximately 60 per cent less likely to develop MS symptoms that those with the least damage.

Researcher Robyn Lucas told WebMD that a balance between the risk of MS and that of skin cancer due to sun exposure needs to be achieved.

"A few minutes of [unprotected] sun exposure a few times a day appears to be pretty safe for most people and is probably good for health," she added.

This comes after PhysioFunction's clinical director Jon Graham said that drawing on the expertise of those in physiotherapy jobs during the early stages of MS could help to strengthen the muscles of those with the condition.

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