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Summary care records gain support of experts

Summary care records gain support of experts
12th October 2011

Industry experts are urging people with long term conditions to share their information in summary care records, in an attempt to improve care for long-term illnesses.

Patient care groups, including Asthma UK and the British Lung Foundation, are recommending patients share important information about their conditions to improve hospital experiences when taken in for emergency care.

The summary care record is another initiative introduced by the government to give patients more control over their NHS services.

"I am delighted that [...] patients and groups representing them are seizing the initiative in exploring how the summary care record can best meet their needs," stated health minister Simon Burns.

"With the summary care record, patients are very much in the driving seat," he continued, explaining that patients can decide, in consultation with their doctors, what information they wish to share with the NHS to improve their emergency care.

The summary care record is gradually being introduced around the UK and is an electronic record that gives healthcare professionals instant access to essential information.

Healthcare staff cannot access your record without your permission unless you are unconscious, in which case a note will be placed on your record.

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