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Suffolk residents live 'healthier lives'

Suffolk residents live 'healthier lives'
18th March 2009

Elderly Britons living in Suffolk care homes live longer and healthier lives, new research suggests.

Quality of life in the east of England region may have been boosted by the level of service provided by local authorities, a Halifax survey indicates.

Rural residents in the region benefit from seven of the UK's top ten local authorities.

Martin Ellis, economist at Halifax, explained that a good quality of life in Suffolk is also less costly than in other areas.

He said that residents in mid-Suffolk "tend to be healthy, with one of the longest life expectancy rates, and live in larger than average houses".

House prices tend to trade at a premium in the region compared to average UK house prices.

"An excellent quality of life comes at a relatively reasonable price in Mid Suffolk," Mr Ellis added.

Recent research by Prudential indicates that Brits retiring in 2009 will receive less money than those that retired last year.

Six in ten admit that they do not expect they will enjoy a comfortable retirement.

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