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Suffolk to look at elderly care

17th August 2006

Suffolk County Council has announced the expansion of its adult care delivery.

The council has a policy of commissioning care from independent providers rather than running its own services and intends to build on this when it reviews day care, home care and respite services this autumn.

Suffolk, as with most places, has seen a growth in demand for elderly care services and will begin consultation following debate on September 5th.

"Now is the right time to be looking at both how we provide services for older people and what we are delivering," said councillor Graham Newman, the council's adult and community services member.

"There are more and more older people in Suffolk, many of whom have specialist needs. We have a duty to make sure these people are properly supported."

Currently, the council's home care services are run by public sector staff during a person's initial assessment period of 12 weeks and are thereafter commissioned from the private or voluntary sectors.