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Study into family link of Alzheimer's

6th February 2006

Researchers are hoping to further their understanding of the genetic links of Alzheimer's disease.

Following previous studies into the subject, scientists at Indiana University School of Medicine are taking the research further than ever before and are calling on the help of affected families.

In a joint project with other medical institutions in the US, they aim to study the genetic information from over 1,000 families with at least two siblings with the disease.

They believe that it will help to unlock the process of the disease and its genetic links, potentially leading to the development of new therapies and treatments for sufferers, or possibly new preventative measures

Tatiana Foroud, the local principal investigator for the study, acknowledged the difficulties associated with the project but said the team was confident of finding enough subjects.

"Finding two living siblings afflicted with the disease will be a challenge, but one we hope will shed light on important information," Ms Foroud said.