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Study clarifies link between diabetes and Alzheimer's

Study clarifies link between diabetes and Alzheimer's
2nd May 2008

A new study had sought to clarify the link between diabetes and Alzheimer's disease.

Researchers from the Salk Institute for Biological Studies have identified the probable molecular basis for the interaction between the two conditions, claming that it is related to the interaction between low blood glucose levels and low levels of beta amyloid, a characteristic of Alzheimer's.

The study, which was detailed in the recent issue of Neurobiology of Aging, showed that this interaction damaged the blood vessels in the brain of young mice – leading to significant memory loss and inflammation of the brain.

According to, diabetic patients have a 30 to 65 per cent higher chance of developing Alzheimer's in their old age compared to other individuals.

The increased risk applies to both type one and type two diabetes.

Researchers from the institute are currently attempting to develop methods of preventing Alzheimer's disease and perhaps the vascular damage associated with diabetes.

It was recently revealed that gender can play a role in determining the risk of developing Alzheimer's, with women being more likely to develop it if they are depressed and men if they have suffered a stroke.

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