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Study clarifies hereditary risk of dementia

Study clarifies hereditary risk of dementia
16th November 2010

A new scientific study has indicated that there may be a more significant hereditary element to the development of Alzheimer's disease than had previously been thought.

In an article in the Biological Psychiatry journal, researchers attest that having parents who had Alzheimer's disease significantly increases an individual's chances of developing the condition.

However, the study also found that the parent who had the disease is also a major contributing factor in its hereditary influence.

Research leader Dr Lisa Mosconi and her team of colleagues established that adult children of mothers with dementia were at an increased risk of developing the condition, compared to children of fathers with the disease.

"It is therefore extremely important to understand the genetic mechanisms involved in maternal transmission of Alzheimer's disease, which are currently unknown," she added.

According to the Alzheimer's Society, dementia care and support services cost the UK in excess of £20 billion each year.

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