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Strokes must be treated as 'medical emergency'

Strokes must be treated as 'medical emergency'
25th February 2009

The Stroke Association has highlighted the FAST technique to people in order to help them detect the possibility of a stroke in older members of society.

Andrea Lane, speaking on behalf of the charity, said that strokes need to be "treated as a medical emergency" and the sooner someone receives their treatment, the better chance they have of making a full recovery.

FAST stands for three of the symptoms people need to be looking for - facial weakness, arm weakness and speech problems - with the fourth being the course of action.

Ms Lane continued: "Time to call 999 - any one of these symptoms could indicate a stroke. If you see the signs of a stroke, act FAST and call 999 immediately."

According to research from the Stroke Association, 130,000 people have a stroke each year in the UK, equivalent to one every five minutes. It was noted that 25 per cent of these affected those under the age of 65.

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