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Stroke survivors 'should be tested for safe driving ability'

Stroke survivors 'should be tested for safe driving ability'
24th February 2011

Doctors should carry out simple tests to determine if stroke survivors are fit to drive safely again, research has said.

Researchers from the Catholic University of Leuven in Belgium carried out an analysis on driving after a stroke and found that 54 per cent passed the on-road evaluation around nine months after the event.

Tests which could be carried out by doctors involve a road sign recognition test, a compass task to assess visual perception and visual-spatial abilities and mental speed and a trail making test B to examine the patient's visual-motor tracking and visual scanning skills.

According the the Times of India, study author Hannes Devos said: "These are simple tests that can be done in the doctor's office, which is important because on-road tests are time-consuming and expensive.

"These tests are readily available and can be administered within 15 minutes," he added.

This comes after news that former Bullseye presenter Jim Bowen is recovering in hospital after having two strokes.

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