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Stroke survivors advocate exercise class

Stroke survivors advocate exercise class
6th October 2010

Stroke survivors are looking to publicise the benefits of a special exercise class, as it is at risk of folding due to dwindling numbers.

Jenny Baldwin, secretary of the Boston Stroke Group, set up the group after she herself had a stroke last year, the Boston Target reports.

Ms Baldwin found that regular structured exercise helped her to regain her mobility and balance, so she decided to run classes to help others achieve the same benefits.

She told the publication: "Exercises include dynamic stretches and training the nervous pathway.

"The classes are very beneficial and people can see a change when they have attended."

Many stroke survivors feel isolated, Ms Baldwin adds, so there is also a valuable social aspect to the classes that needs to be kept going.

The Stroke Association estimates that someone in the UK experiences as a stroke every five minutes - equating to around 150,000 cases a year.

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