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Stroke 'seriously affects independence'

Stroke 'seriously affects independence'
29th December 2009

Many older people are worried about their inability to operate self-sufficiently, with one of the most common health conditions that affects a person's ability to live independently being stroke, according to a recent report.

The Oak Ridger teamed up with the Methodist Medical Center of Oak Ridge to look into the issue, asserting that stroke must be treated as quickly as possible to avoid chances of a relapse.

It explained that a large number of stroke patients lose function in a number of areas and, as a result, need a lot more than one type of therapy in order to operate correctly.

Many US and British institutions are now using this multi-disciplinary therapeutic approach and dealing with many of them in the same day of treatment, the source continued, whether it is comprehending language, complex sentence formation, reading and writing or simple cognition.

Stroke affects around 350,000 people in the UK each year, with around one-third dying of the damage sustained by the first instance of the problem.

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