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Stroke risk underestimated

30th August 2005

People underestimate the risk of suffering from stroke, according to research from the Stroke Association.

A recent poll from the association of more than 2,000 adults found that 20 per cent believed they were more likely to by mugged than suffer from the condition.

However on average, a mugging occurs across the country once every 13 minutes while someone suffers from stroke once every four minutes.

This means every year around 130,000 people suffer a stroke in the UK.

The Stroke Association said there needed to be greater public education on the risk of stroke as around 40 per cent of cases could be prevented by lifestyle change.

Quitting smoking halves the risk of stroke and cutting back on binge drinking also helps. Even having regular blood pressure check ups can reduce the risk, as people with high blood pressure are seven times more likely to suffer stroke.