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Stroke risk still high due to trans-fat levels

Stroke risk still high due to trans-fat levels
23rd December 2009

A leading organisation in Canada is campaigning to get the government to lower the amount of trans-fats in food.

The Heart and Stroke Foundation wants the Canadian government to live up to its commitments and regulate the levels of the substance, following its most recent study of a number of foodstuffs.

Sally Brown, the chief executive officer of the organisation, explained: "This fourth and final round of monitoring has demonstrated that levels of heart clogging trans-fats are still far too prevalent in our food."

She explained that they can be found at dangerous levels even in foods in places such as children's hospitals, where the health of children is meant to be improved.

Foodstuffs made with dangerous amounts of trans-fats in Canada include French fries, chicken, bakery products and cookies.

In the UK, an estimated 150,000 people in the UK have a stroke, with one third dying within days of it happening.

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