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Stroke risk 'increases tenfold' in TBI patients

Stroke risk 'increases tenfold' in TBI patients
29th July 2011

The risk of having a stroke increases tenfold in the first three months after a traumatic brain injury, research has shown.

A study published in Stoke: Journal of the American Heart Association found that 2.91 per cent of traumatic brain injury patients experienced a stroke within the first three months.

This compares to a 0.30 per cent risk of stroke in non-brain injury patients during this period.

The more time elapsed since the incident, the lower the stroke risk, with the risk being 4.6 times greater for traumatic brain injury patients after one year and 2.3 times more after five years.

Meanwhile, another study published in the journal found that people who are more optimistic are at a lower risk of stroke than those who are negative.

Each point increase in optimism level was found to link to a nine per cent decrease in risk of acute stroke in the following two years.

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