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Stroke risk 'heightened by fructose-based drinks'

Stroke risk 'heightened by fructose-based drinks'
24th April 2009

The chances of people having a stroke or other cardiovascular problems may be heightened by them having soft drinks flavoured and sweetened with fructose, according to a new survey.

In the study, which has been published in the Journal of Clinical Investigation, researchers at the University of California at Davis found over a ten-week project that fructose was able to alter the body in previously unseen ways.

The regular use of such drinks was linked to an increase in weight but also an increase in insulin resistance, meaning the body needed to eat more to compensate this biological change.

A "significant" gain in belly fat was the effect which scientists were most concerned about, as most cardiovascular problems can be attributed to weight gain.

The news comes soon after the announcement from a study in the Postgraduate Medical Journal, which understood that patients over the age of 75 are much less likely to receive any treatments for stroke, exampling alleged ageism in the NHS.

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